What is Permaculture?


Permaculture came into being as a scientific discipline during the 70's as a collaboration between a young undergraduate eco-prodigy named DAvid Holmgren and his brazen eco-sexsymbol renegade thesis supervisor Bill Mollison. Theirs was an encounter that would change the fate of the world, as both sought to create a contructive and all-encompassing system that could spread virally and contaminate its hosts with a renewed vigor to challenge the qualms plaguing humanity, opening their eyes once more to the potential of humankind, and destroy the shackles of ignorance into which we are born; to re-empower our communities through cooperation; reconnect to the natural world around us with awe and compassion; to once again know our true selves, freedom and the abundance life has to offer. Permaculture in the strict sense of the word is a DESIGN SCIENCE, aimed at creating and sustaining healthy and abundant Ecosystems for Life by working with Nature rather than against her. It achieves this by using thoughtful Observation rather than thoughtless Action; employing relentless Positivity and seeing Solutions in Problems; and finding guidance in the Design Principles gleaned from Mother Nature herself. Permaculture at its core is founded upon three Ethics, which contrary to our current hijacked and runaway sciences, safeguard sound practices aimed at: 1) Care for the Earth 2) Care for People 3) Sharing

Permaculture Ethics and Principles

If Anything this Ethical base is what sets Permaculture apart from all existing sciences. Whatever breakthroughs the sciences have brought us, without moral direction we have seen the most Destructive side of human ingenuity celebrated in the name of Scientific Progress. The Ethics of Permaculture remind us, that all our Actions should be inherently Positive and in service of the Betterment of Life and Nature, be it the Rainforests, the Apartment in which you live, or the relationships you have with other Living beings.

Greening the Desert in Jordan

To guide our Actions, Permaculture aims at incorporating the whole array of Knowledge needed to create Sustainable and Abundant systems of Life. In essence then, Permaculture is a HOLISTIC DESIGN SCIENCE that draws on the whole pool of accumulated human knowledge, combining existing scientific disciplines like Horticulture, Biology, Chemistry, with disciplines like Economics, Social Geography, Landscaping, Climatology, Natural Construction, Nutritional Sciences etc. etc. with all that has proven to work from past generations as well. The aim is to create a habitat for life that is Healthy and will Sustain itself for all Future Generation to Come.

Grey Water Filter at OWS

In practice this translates into affirmative action, growing your own healthy foods, eliminating toxins from your living spaces, regenerating the eroded and depleted soils, improving on the fragility of the web of life by promoting mutually beneficial bio-diversity, closing the production cycles, closing waste cycles, re-using, recycling and upcycling, and most importantly reducing the degree to which we consume. The Real revolution starts in the mind, and then expands into your backyard, literally and figuratively, as we setup local community gardens, bringing people together of all ages, providing in each other's needs. Here we find that we can design our own local economies and let go of fiat currency more and more, by exchanging services, sharing resources, and trading goods. The list goes on, but fundamental is that the change begins with yourself, and will spread out to those around you, as you infect them with the virus of Permaculture! Wooohooo! 🙂 Permaculture then offers a big picture in which sound ecological practices have a place that apply to every aspect of day to day life, for you, your family, your community and your environment at large. Get with it, and BE the CHANGE you wish to see! 😀 For at this juncture in time, the question of how to provide and care for yourself and your beloved ones, including Mother Earth, without whom we have nothing, is more imminent than ever. It's not a fear mongering assault on reality, it's a reality check with 'how-to' tips included. The gift of Permaculture is that it offers us a way to wake up from the mind-numbing buzz of post-modern self-deluded industrial consumer existence, and reconnect us with the sanctity of life, and the responsibilities we have in safeguarding our planet as a gift for all future generations to come. Moreover, the biggest gift Permaculture has to offer, beside being the all-encompassing set of tools to solve ALL the environmental, social, and existential qualms of our times (no exaggeration whatsoever intended), is that it starts us on a beautiful journey to true FREEDOM. Stay Tuned for More on Permaculture, Affirmative Action from Around the Globe, and How you CAn Participate!! The Danghiz Post'Umus For Occupy-Wallstreet.com For Further Exploration: Urban Permaculture - Bill Mollisonn, the Global Gardener [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qpyocn1Vc5U[/youtube] How to Create a Food Forest [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG_vRG66wkA&feature=related[/youtube] Permaculture Projects around the Globe How Permaculture Can Save Humanity but not Civilization What is Urban Permaculture? Youtube has Many Many great Permaculture Videos Many Torrent Sites like ThePirateBay.org have Long Lists of Permaculture Books and Videos as well.  

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