Permaculture (English)

Permaculture or permanent agriculture, is about living agricultural ecosystems. It is based on various natural and ecological principles, such as self-organization, high biodiversity and bioreciprocity which all help to create a non-linear ecosystem, in which the whole is much bigger than the sum of its parts. By having a system that is accordance with such natural phenomena, it will contribute to the health of the larger ecosystem and bioregion rather than weaken it, as is the case with modern intensive agriculture. For a more thorough discussion about permaculture and underlying see  the Resources section, where the basic principles are explained.

This website itself will be an online platform that is essentially based on permacultural principles, such as self-sufficiency and auto-organization and diversity. The overall aim is to share and promote permaculture in local and global communities. The idea is that anyone can contribute relevant content this site so that an organic growth of information and resources is realized. Moreover, the site is set up to function as a social network, where people as well as organizations can set up a personal page to present themselves, share ideas and meet fellow permaculturalists.

Through collective participation also the structural part of this site may develop over time. At the moment we are making use of open source web development tools such as WordPress. Any suggestions towards improvements will be greatly appreciated and anyone with technical knowhow is invited to participate in the development of this site. See the forums for more about participating in this process.

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